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Loved this soup!

The veggies, black beans and flavors of this soup were fantastic. Best soup I've had in a very long time and I will be getting this one again!!

Chana Masala is delicious!

We've had the tomato basil and the Santa Fe tortilla soup, which are also very good. The Chana Masala is spot on for full flavor and richness without feeling heavy. Plant-based is such a bonus post-holiday recovery! Definitely include this in your next purchase.

Crazy good

So fresh! How do you guys do that?

Best lentil I've had in a while

'nuff said.

Dressing Room Restaurant

Is this the same recipe? Tastes exactly like the soup Chef Michel had at The Dressing Room in Westport many years ago. Talk about nostalgia!

You can eat it cold!

This soup is fantastic!!!!


I added grains and simmered as a base for a hearty rice bowl. It is SO good!


Dayummm.... this soup saved my life in quarantine. Perfect for the season, great for sore throats. Have you guys tried the cauliflower soup COLD? It's spectacular in any way, as a great filler with rice and beans. The tomato soup is so homey, so delicious, but I feel I ordered it from an upscale restaurant. Will be purchasing more.

Santa Fe Tortilla

Absolutely Delicious! Terrific flavors with just right about of heat. Great textures on all of the veggies.


Tasty and simple to prepare. These are some of the easiest and most delicious soups you can buy. Easy to feed yourself or your family. Can't say enough good things!

My favorite so far!

This chili really is amazing! I'd usually prefer a meat based chili but this one has changed my mind. it has just as much flavor if not more and is nice and hearty but isn't as heavy as traditional chili.

Santa Fe goodness!

What a wonderful soup. It was everything I hoped for, and I love the fact that Wholesome Crave pays attention to sodium content.


Hearty, filling and chock full of delicious flavor!!

Clean and Simple

What a delicious soup!

Delicious, flavorful soup!

Loved it! So tasty

The whole family enjoyed it!

The whole family enjoyed it!


We all loved the Chana Masala Cauliflower Soup! The packaging was awesome and the frozen soup is easy to stack in the freezer with minimal packaging. One of us is a vegan and two of us are over 87!
We can't wait to sample the other soups.

Healthy and delicious!

Love the clean ingredients of these soups and it’s still super flavorful. It’s great to have these ready to go when I am too tired at the end of the day to make dinner.

So tasty!

So tasty!