Soup Hack Your Dinner.

Bye, bye boring cauliflower rice. Hello burrito bowl. Soup hack your way to healthy, plant-based dinners for family and friends. Our Recipe Starter Kit has all the hits to flex your culinary genius with endless possibilities.

Make It Authentic.

Transform our Tomato Basil into the perfect pasta sauce for an authentic Italian night that everyone will amore! Just add fresh basil and garlic, and pour it on top of whole wheat pasta. Dinner is served!

Add Some Toppings.

Our soup is perfect on it’s own, but toppings can really make it yours. Whether it’s fresh herbs, vegan cheese, roasted red peppers or crunchy tortilla chips - enjoy it with what you love and switch it up to keep it exciting.

Quick, Easy Recipes.

You don’t have to be a chef to transform our soups into a great meal. Check out our simple and easy-to-follow recipes that turn Fiery Veggie Chili into Cauliflower Tacos and Spicy Lentil Veggie into Pizza Mediterranean.